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Over 90 years of Japanese reliability & precision in renewable energy, environmental science, and material analysis. EKO designed and built instruments are today deployed around the world, supporting environmental research and renewable energy projects through continuous innovation, industry-leading turn-key solutions, and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

In 2013, EKO Instruments became the first solar sensor manufacturer in the world to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation at our international testing and calibration laboratory in Tokyo, Japan; giving our partners and customers added confidence in the precision and reliability of our measuring instruments and calibration methods.

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Press releases

EKO Instruments Launch MS-90 Plus+ Solar Monitoring Solution

NEW Cost-Saving Package Measures DNI, DHI, and GHI EKO Instruments Europe B.V. (The Hague, Netherlands) today (24/06/2020) announced the... read more

24.06.2020 • By EKO Instruments Europe B.V.